We meet the creative and outgoing Manchester based private chef…


Hey Tom, lovely to catch- up! Start us off at the beginning…

Growing up my mum and nana ran their own catering business so I was always around the food industry from a very young age. My professional journey began in Devon where I trained at Ashburton Culinary School. I was classically trained with a big emphasis on British and French cuisines, which is reflected in my current style of cooking.

Look how far you’ve come, you’re a renowned private chef in the area – can we hear more about your company?

Absolutely. I provide a bespoke home dining experience, bringing restaurant quality food and service to the comfort of people’s homes. Included in my service I provide both crockery and cutlery, plus table decorations, waitress service, and of course we even do the washing up and clean down after service. We also cater for larger and less formal events in people’s homes or hired venues.

And how do your menus work, are they completely bespoke?

All my clients are given the opportunity to tailor their menu to their tastes, and this is one of the exciting advantages of hiring a private chef! However, if clients would like inspiration or need guidance, I have various sample menus to assist with this process. Any guests who have allergies or individual dietary requirements are catered for with the same quality and high standard as any other guest. Canapés followed by three courses is probably the most popular choice of menu, although taster menus are also very popular.

We hear you’re family run, who else works with you?

That’s right, all my staff are family and close long-term friends. I’m very lucky to have such a close knit, hardworking and loyal team around me who only want what’s best for the business. Without these people, the company wouldn’t exist.

That’s so nice! Your dishes look delicious, where do you find your creative inspiration from?

From my travels. Whenever I go abroad I always make it a priority to take cooking classes, visit food markets and eat as much local cuisine as possible. In the past decade I’ve been fortunate enough to travel South America, South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka – what I learnt from these places is truly invaluable.

Tell us about your first food related memory?

Probably my mum’s roast dinners, still to this day the best roast in Manchester!

Aw! So is that your favourite dish to eat?

Either that, or when done properly, fish and chips with tartare sauce.

And are there any foods that you just simply don’t like?

Only one, parsnips!

In your opinion, what ingredient should no kitchen be without?

Given my classical training and love for French cuisine it has to be garlic.

And finally, do you have advice for someone who wants to get into cooking?

I’d say cook food you enjoy eating and definitely don’t be afraid of trying new cuisines.


Email: tom@tomrobertschef.com

Website: tomrobertschef.com

Instagram: @tomrobertschef