We chat with Carley to get all her destination wedding details, after she and her wife Ciara tied the knot in sunny Portugal.

The businesswomen, who’ve been together for eight years, wed overseas last summer.

“We liked the idea of everyone being together in the sun, but we also wanted an extended holiday for our family and friends,” says Carley. “It meant we got to spend more time together than at a typical wedding, and it was certainly full of meals, gatherings, and fun!”

The specific location, however, was chosen by their wedding planner, Love & Lace Weddings.

“They were great and found the venue. It was brand new to weddings, meaning they had lots of dates available, which is totally unheard of!” Carley explains. “It was a 5-star hotel, right on the seafront, with incredible views and amazing food, so it ticked all the boxes.”

Aside from colourful smoke cannons and fireworks, the overall theme of the wedding was black and white, with white florals and light-up initial letters for decoration, and even a black carpet, instead of the usual red or white, for down the aisle.

Over the course of the wedding celebrations, which spanned more than one day, they enjoyed lots of food, drink, and entertainment. On the day, the girls and their guests tucked into a beautiful 4-course fillet steak meal, with a lively BBQ to carry on the party the following day.

“From live music as we walked down the aisle, ‘The Munchies’ 5-piece band after dinner, ‘The Guinness Brothers’ for our next day BBQ, and DJs, we were all partied out!” Carley laughs.

Like most weddings, though, there are both highlights and lowlights…

“Ah, the timing of the wedding was all over the place! Ciara’s room was running late, which delayed everything by 45 minutes,” she says. “This meant the plane fly-by timing was wrong and also meant people were sitting waiting for us in the blistering sun. I also wish the wedding photos were in a location that didn’t clash with the cocktail welcome drinks. We should’ve kept the areas separate and had a little more planning with it, but it was hard work as we were so hot and bothered!”

“The good most definitely outweighs the bad, though. I’ll always remember walking down the aisle as the fireworks went off and people were happily throwing balloons in the air!”

“My advice to other couples would be to get married abroad, if you can,” she concludes. “You get to spend way more quality time with the people you love.”