Want to show off your newborn to family and friends all at once? Host a sip and see!

Different to a baby shower in terms of dates; baby showers occur before a baby is born, whilst a sip and see event happens afterwards. They are typically informal in style, a type of open house that provides refreshments to ‘sip’ and see the baby.

Keep it casual

Let’s face it, as a new parent you’re definitely exhausted. Keep things casual in terms of venue, dress code and the guest list. Home is where the heart is, and it’s where you and your baby will have spent most of your time together. Invite the entire family, close friends, and anyone else who has expressed interest in meeting your little one to your home for the event.

Special space

Create a soothing, designated area for your new addition to be throughout the party. This should be a calming, comforting space for people to meet your baby, and will save you from having to pass them from person to person. Try a moses basket, baby swing or bouncer somewhere quiet, surrounded by soft lighting.

‘Sip’ and see the baby

As the name suggests, your sip and see should have beverages. Offer a variety of drinks including non- alcoholic options like mocktails, tea, coffee, and fruit- infused water. It’s a celebration of course, so pop out the fizz at some point for a toast to your tiny tot. Don’t have your guests drinking on an empty stomach; delicate desserts such as cake pops and cupcakes will add a sweeter touch to an already sweet occasion.

Remember, a sip and see party is a chance for you and your baby to be surrounded by love and well-wishes. Be sure to keep the atmosphere warm, relaxed, and inviting, allowing your guests to bond with your little one in a memorable way.