I’m writing this whilst reflecting on what has been a whirlwind few weeks for me and my family. On 16th March, I married my beautiful partner Sadie, and it was the culmination of what felt like an eternity of planning and organisation, with countless nights and weekends of coordination resulting in a day that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

For the last eight years that I have been working at Slack & Andrews, I suppose I have been involved (ever so slightly) in hundreds of weddings with the rings we have made for people for their special day. So for it to finally be my wedding day, I felt that the pressure was on.

Now that the day is in the rearview mirror, there are a few things I have learned and experienced that I’d like to share whilst looking back on one of the most amazing days of my life.

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Be Organised

A wedding is, of course, a massive project, with hundreds of spinning plates to keep on top of and numerous things to plan and be prepared for. Therefore, the name of the game is preparation and organisation. The more time and effort you put into the build-up of the wedding, the easier it will be on the big day for you and your partner.

The arrangements will vary from large, significant tasks like booking the entertainment for the evening (we had the wonderful band The Trend Setters) to tiny details like handwriting all of the guests’ place names for the dinner tables. The effort and level of attention you put into your wedding day will not go unnoticed, and your guests will appreciate the minutiae of preparation that you put into the day.

There were long nights in the weeks leading up to the wedding day where my partner and I fussed over the smallest details (sticking gypsophila flowers to the back of ninety-six handmade name cards comes to mind)! You may feel like things like this may go unnoticed, but every single flourish of detail will be appreciated and will all coalesce into a singular experience for your guests.

Think of each of these tiny details as a single tile in a mosaic. Viewed on their own, they might not mean much, but when all of the tiles are in place and you take a step back, they reveal a complete piece of work that shows how a huge amount of time, effort, and consideration can lead to something that’s ultimately really beautiful.

Inspiration from Others

A little suggestion that I would make is to look at other weddings that you have been to or perhaps have seen on social media and to ‘take inspiration’ from any detail you like the look of. Of course, it’s your wedding, so it should reflect the tastes and preferences of you and your partner; however, there’s nothing wrong with being influenced by what you’ve seen elsewhere! For instance, Sadie had seen a wedding on social media where every table had a disposable camera with a fun checklist of pictures to take (one of the speeches, one of the best-dressed guests, etc.). We thought this was a fun way to get our guests involved in the proceedings of the day and a way for photos to be captured by someone other than the official photographer. It’s definitely worth having a look at other people’s weddings to get a little bit of inspiration for some of the fun little details!

slack & andrews

Take It In

This is the big one, and it might sound strange, but make sure you enjoy the day. This is a day where the people you love—your family and friends—have travelled to see you and your partner celebrate a milestone in your lives, so make sure you enjoy it. What I have found from speaking to our customers is that many of them say that the day was over in an instant or that it was all a big blur to them (even though this may be due to excessive Prosecco)!

On the day, make sure you stop, take a deep breath, and remember that this is a wonderful day, possibly one of the most special days of your life, so don’t spend it worrying if the playlist is ‘too dancey’ or regretting not choosing that coconut cake.

So, preparing for a wedding can be hard work and involves a lot of organisation, but looking back, do I think all of the long nights of planning were worth it?

I do.




Photos: Dean Jones Photography