So you’re getting married? Congratulations! I’ve been there and done that (a little while ago though), so I know the excitement of venue finding, dress buying and picking out décor. One thing you’ll certainly need to remember is to get your skincare sorted. Regardless of whether you’re happy with your skin and have a good regime in place or not, now is the time to really think about your routine.


If you have issues like rosacea, pigmentation or acne – start now! Book a consultation with a skin specialist to have a bespoke plan implemented and discuss in-clinic treatments such as microneedling, skin peels or light therapy. Remember any change to your skincare routine can see an initial deterioration as your skin adjusts.

Products will be more expensive than the ones from the high street due to the concentration and purity of their active ingredients. ‘You get what you pay for’ really rings true when it comes to skincare. You want medical grade and evidence based, not a good advertising campaign, nice packaging or the offer of the week!

If you’re local, book a skin consultation with AL Medical, or find a trusted clinician. This will assess overall health, wellness, lifestyle, medications and current regime. At AL Medical we use the Observe 520 – a state of the art skin analysing system that assists clinicians with a true diagnosis that’s much more accurate than the naked eye.



With initial deterioration settling at 8-12 weeks after a new regime, we now only have a short window of opportunity where real improvement can be established. At AL Medical, we highly recommend supplements from Zinzino, which are natural supplements with patented ingredient recipes.


Now consider a course of progressive skin rejuvenation treatments in-clinic every 2 to 4 weeks. Your skincare specialist will advise what’s best. If nothing else, ensure to use a daily SPF (the cheapest and easiest way of seeing subtle skin improvements). UV is the most damaging thing we expose our skin to, even when it’s cloudy or even raining! Regardless of your time frame, you don’t need a load of products costing hundreds of pounds or pricey in-clinic treatments. Our products of choice will always be from either Alumier MD or Obagi. We offer both in-clinic and which range we choose will depend on what skin concerns we need to target.

You don’t want costs to spiral out of control when you are already paying for a wedding, so stick to:

  • Morning – Cleanser, Serum +/-Moisturiser and daily SPF
  • Evening – Cleanser, Retinol +/-Moisturiser and eye cream

Good luck and have an amazing wedding, I’m sure you’ll look a million dollars! – Amy

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