An empowering affair for females everywhere…

Females are well, where do we start? Powerful, kind and motivated are just some adjectives that spring to mind. That’s probably why International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day fall so closely together too.

Throw a party to celebrate both events, dedicated to honouring the incredible women who shape our lives.

Inspiring Ambiance

Decorate your home or venue with symbolic colours such as purple, green, and white. These colours are historically associated with the women’s suffrage movement. Incorporate feminine floral arrangements and beautiful botanicals to bring the springtime in too.


Pizza & Pyjamas

Gather your guests in pretty pjs or cosy loungewear – comfy but cute is the only way to go on a girlie night in. Sharing is caring, so order a selection of pizzas for the squad, or better still, make your own dough and choose a topping each. For an extra special touch, order from female owned businesses. Think pyjamas from a small clothing brand or pizza from a local caterer – women supporting women!

Leading Ladies

Sit down to watch a carefully curated movie marathon featuring films with strong empowering female leads. Thelma & Louise, Wonder Woman or the Hunger Games should definitely be on your list.

Afterwards, end your night by singing and dancing to your heart’s content. Collate a playlist full of empowering and uplifting music by female artists. Superstars like Beyoncé, Madonna, Adele or Cher should be mixed with girl bands such as the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud or The Pussycat Dolls for the ultimate in dance party vibes.

Book Club

A couple of weeks before your party, start an easy reading book club celebrating female authors; Colleen Hoover is a popular choice at the moment. Discuss your thoughts and favourite parts over a glass of wine or two.

This event will be a unique and empowering chance to fill the room with positive energy and an atmosphere of joy for all the women you love.