We get the lowdown on 2024’s hottest interior trends from Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice

Wood & Earthy Hues

Decorating with wood brings a calming, grounding presence to any space. Introduce accessories in burnt orange or rust tones, and match these cosy comforts with sleek amber lighting, smoked glass or brass accents for the ultimate in luxe.

Go Green

As a primary colour, green not only gives the home a fresh and uplifting touch, it also brings balance and tranquillity with its versatility.

Comforting Curves

Sculptural yet graceful, introducing a curved sofa or armchair adds an architectural aesthetic to the home while bringing in nature’s soft curves.

Black Accents

The key to decorating with black accents is to do so with intention. Use black to highlight architectural features of the home such as doors or windows. Balance the look with lighter touches such as white walls and wooden flooring.