Hear life again with the help of the Didsbury Hearing team…

Bramhall’s contemporary hearing clinic opened its doors back in mid May, taking over the previous What Lies Beneath building on Bramhall Lane South, just off the village high street.

Heading up the team is owner and lead audiologist Nabeel Ahmed, who started the company last year in (you guessed it), Didsbury.

“We’ve been operational in South Manchester since 2022,” Nabeel says, “but I was keen to expand into a bigger clinic that offers more services. We kept the name the same so we’d be easily recognisable, but this is under review!”

The clinic has undergone extensive renovations, boasting a clean and modern interior complete with fashionable furnishings and up-to-date wooden panelling, which isn’t there just to tick the on-trend decor

“They’re acoustic wooden panels,” Nabeel explains, “this soundproofing measure is there to make appointments more comfortable; the privacy of our patients is at the top of our list.”

From ear wax removal to hearing tests and hearing aids, Nabeel delivers all things hearing health to the people of Bramhall and surrounding areas.

Manchester born and bred, he studied audiology at the University of Manchester, followed by 3-years training in local hospitals, before spending time working as an audiologist in the private sector.

“Ultimately, I wanted to branch out and be in control of my own work. I’ve always wanted to work for myself so that’s why I started the company.”

Now, Nabeel and his small but mighty team are here to help you hear better, whether that be through the clinic’s most popular
option, ear wax removal, or through another service such as a hearing health check, which is free for anyone over 60.

“Our hearing aid service is second-to-none,” he says, “hearing aids have really modernised. They have bluetooth, are wireless, and can stream phone calls and music.”

From rechargeable hearing aids that fit behind the ear, to discreet and invisible hearing aids, the clinic has everything you need.

“We offer a 60-day trial on all hearing aids, and we don’t charge any extra for making them invisible or rechargeable!”

Behind all his medical know-how and professionalism, Nabeel has a sweet side too, “I actually ran a dessert shop in South Manchester which I sold earlier this year,” he smiles, “I’ve always been into food; my dad has been a chef in Manchester for almost 30 years! Luckily, launching my own food business in lockdown worked out great – people had money to spend and were at home for deliveries.”

And when it comes to future plans for Didsbury Hearing, Nabeel and the team have lots in the pipeline.

“We work with a fully trained GP who’ll soon be starting to offer aesthetics,” Nabeel says, “we also will be branching out into podiatry and physiotherapy too. My aim is for the clinic to be a complete community health hub.”

Call 0161 843 5144 or click HERE to book an appointment today.