We sit down with Jules Greaves, founder of Dreamy Interiors, and the woman who’s gone from designing luxury handbags to decluttering client’s wardrobes.

With high profile clients such as Queen Camilla’s facialist Deborah Mitchell already a fan of the wardrobe editing service, we’re not surprised when Jules tells us she’s just had her busiest week in business since starting-up a year ago.

“I’ve always been into fashion and my dad was really well dressed. I live by the motto you’re only here once, so look your best,” says Jules, “that’s where my passions started. I adore fashion, people and property.”

In 2013 Jules launched her luxury handbag brand Susie In The Sky, which she closed four years later, whilst pregnant with her second child. “The retail market at the time wasn’t looking its best and manufacturing costs in the UK were high” she explains, “but ultimately it was mum guilt that led me to shut down the company.”

“With my first daughter I didn’t even have a maternity leave, so I really wanted to spend more time with my kids. Once I’d made my decision, I sold all my stock to TK Maxx and it was over within two weeks.”

In the following years, after three property renovations and a chance encounter with a surveyor who valued Jules’ home, Dreamy Interiors was born. “The lady who came to value the house assumed I was an interior designer, to which I told her no, but that I loved interiors and architecture,” Jules laughs, “she suggested I should look into interior design and it was the push I needed. We actually still work together now!”

With fashion and interiors going hand- in-hand, it wasn’t long before Jules added wardrobe editing to her list of services, alongside interior design, soft furnishings, and project management. “Fashion and interiors are both visual, and are all about styling,” she says, “the wardrobe editing service gives those who struggle with vision or creativity, or who simply don’t have the time, the opportunity to redesign their wardrobe with clothes that are more suited to who they are now.”

“My clients, especially women, have either lost or gained weight, had babies, or are going through menopause, and need to revamp their style accordingly,” says Jules, “I want to help empower women. Everyone deserves to look nice, even without a huge budget.”

After looking through client’s wardrobes and discussing where they struggle, the whole wardrobe’s content is removed, cleaned, decluttered and edited with the help of Jules, before being put back in an organised manner, either by category or colour, whichever works best for the client to make their lives stress free. Post clear out, Jules can be hired for personal shopping trips with clients to complete their new capsule wardrobe.

As part of her service, Jules takes away all old and unwanted clothes and donates them to Compton Hospice, a charity close to her heart.

For a free 30-min consultation or to book your wardrobe edit, email dreamy.interiors@outlook.com