The cancer test that offers peace of mind and improved prognosis is now available at Dr André’s clinic, right in the
centre of Alderley Edge.

Dr André & Dr Sam are passionate about staying on top of cutting edge science, and their ethos of living better and longer is at the heart of everything they do.

Their annual multi-cancer early detection screening test, Trucheck, is no different. Trucheck is an advanced cancer
screening test which involves a non-invasive blood test that screens for 70 solid organ cancers – melanoma, breast, lung, liver, skin, prostate and gynaecological but to name just a few.

What are the advantages?

  • Peace of mind
  • No risk
  • Non-invasive
  • Avoids future procedures
  • No NHS wait times

You’re in good hands

Dr André has been a qualified doctor for 30 years and an advanced aesthetics practitioner for 10 years. For 15 years he was a GP in the North West and Sports Physician for Everton Football Club.

Dr Sam has been a clinical pharmacist for 10 years, and an aesthetics practitioner for 4 years. She’s a Doctor of Cancer Research and has been funded by Cancer Research UK during her time at Manchester medical school. Her PhD is in experimental oncology specifically researching the molecular biology and genetics of cancer cells.

andre & sam