We meet Kimberley of Kimberley’s Cuisine Private Dining – the private chef delivering top notch cuisine at affordable prices.

Hi Kimberley, just like us you love your food.Where did that love start?

Like most kids I cooked in the kitchen with my mum, I especially liked baking fairy cakes and making spag bol from scratch. I was never a chicken nuggets and chips kid either – from ordering swordfish in a restaurant aged seven, to requesting a steak for my birthday dinner when I was eight – I’ve always been a foodie.

And what was your path into the private dining world like?

It’s a funny story really. I love food and everything about it, but I also really, really wanted to try skiing. So, I got a job as a chalet host and started my career as a chef in a chalet. I was cooking meals for families as big as 20. I loved it and them, and they seemed to love me too! Many of them would ask me to come and work for them on their summer holidays after the winter season ended. I’d spend my winters in France and Switzerland and then my summers in Devon, Cornwall and the South of France.

How did starting your own business come about?

Since I was 20 I’ve worked in coffee shops, hotels and kitchens, and of course I enjoyed my time as a chalet chef, so I decided to take the parts of them all that I enjoyed most; cooking and serving, but for people in their homes. I started up Kimberley’s Cuisine Private Dining and my list of services now includes dinner parties, wedding catering, private dining and corporate catering.

Sounds amazing! How long have you been in business now?

Kimberley’s Cuisine Private Dining has been running for just over 5 years and it’s going really well. I’m over the moon with it.

What do you love most about private dining?

I love the whole experience. When someone books me for private dining, it’s usually due to a special occasion or a celebration. Everyone’s happy and in a great mood, and I adore seeing people like that. I also enjoy being involved in the party! I like to create
delicious, tasty and well presented food to serve to people and have a chat. Every day is different which keeps my creativity as a chef bright and alive!

If you could only ever serve one course, what would it be and why?

Well, all courses are important BUT I like to create really cool and fancy desserts. Many people’s view on a chef is how they end a meal and I definitely try to end on a high. I want to make a good lasting impression!

And personally, what’s your favourite cuisine to eat?

That’s such a tough one! It depends on my mood, the season, or the place I’m at. If I’m travelling I’m always up for trying the local
cuisine. I had some amazing food on a recent trip to Sicily, but I also enjoy Thai and Greek food too.

Tell us what the future holds for Kimberley’s Cuisine Private Dining?

We’re still in our infancy as a business but we’ve grown so much and naturally I want to keep on expanding. We have a great client base now but are always open to new bookings and we’ve started taking on more corporate clients recently too.  We’re going through a rebrand at the moment and have great new seasonal menus out which I’m proud of. I’d say ultimately, I just love to create magical dining experiences that my clients can remember. The sky really is the limit!

WhatsApp Kimberley on 07766942457