Lucia Davies has been entertaining the region’s children for over 30 years, with her learning through play party performances often coming in at around a grand a pop. Personally, we’ve known the mum-of-one for nearly a decade, and when we heard about her latest venture, the Lucia’s World app, we had to get in touch to learn more.

Following the success of her first published children’s book, an anti-bullying book called Pod, the entertainer turned writer has been up to lots of exciting things. She has two charity singles under her belt, is a regular guest on BBC Radio Manchester, has had a mock TV show that’s won awards, and almost made it big-time on Cbeebies. And now, after three-years in development, she’s just received funding for the next stage in her ‘Pod Trail’ – an interactive app that’s designed to capture the imagination of young readers and take them on a journey through the magical world of Lucia.

The platform is a safe space for youngsters aged 3-9 to illustrate original stories written by Lucia, which can be shared via the app and even printed into a physical copy. The inclusive app also features Britain’s Got Talent star Jade Kilduff, who signs BSL throughout, so it can truly be enjoyed by all.

Lucia's World App

As part of their creative journey, kids can play games and watch entertaining short films centred around inclusivity, positivity and mindfulness; Calm On The Farm for example, promotes the outdoors and its link to positive mental health.

“Classrooms don’t always have four walls, it’s important to make children part of something and keep them interested to help them learn information and retain underlying messages. If they’re not interested, they’re not engaged.” – Lucia Davies 

After the free download and a free first story, app users can find the complete collection of seven stories available to download for just £2.99. Personalised copies are even printable for just £20!

“My goal is to get kids to read more books and learn through storytelling. What people don’t think about it is that children don’t usually play a part in the writing process of children’s books at all. They’re written by adults and illustrated by adults,” Lucia explains, “I don’t think that’s fair! No other author does what I do by getting kids involved.”

lucia's world app

As she waits for her next investment (a cool £1 million), Lucia will be hitting the schools offering free assemblies and workshops over the coming months.

“As my app is curriculum based, schools are naturally my next port of call. I’m a regular on the school circuit anyway, but this time I’ll be bringing Lucia’s World into theirs,” she says.

“The app already has hundreds of five star reviews and there are big talks about our future…a TV show and radio play are even on the cards!”

Download the app here: