Chef Eddie is both talented and well respected, with his roots in nearby Liverpool…

Hi Eddie, nice to catch-up. For those who don’t know about Kilty & Co, can you explain how you work?

I’ve been a private chef for six years now and I set up my own business, Kilty & Co, after working in many kitchens under some famous chefs, Tom Kerridge being one. Eventually, I decided that I really just wanted to work for myself. At Kilty & Co we provide private chef services, wedding and event catering, and pop-ups. I also offer wine pairings, cocktails and wine flights too, along with petit fours sweet treats, and after dinner tea and coffee. I cook a lot for parties at Airbnbs and we offer a breakfast hamper for the following morning too, which has gone down a treat.

What do your fees look like?

For private dining it’s £85-125 depending on which menu is chosen. I do three and four courses, or the tasting menu which is six courses with canapes.

Private chef and at home dining services are popular at the moment, but did you ever think about opening a restaurant?

I did at first, I think that’s the dream for most chefs. I wouldn’t do that now though. I think the cost of living and the impact it’s having on the hospitality industry would put me off.

You’re based in Liverpool, but you’ve travelled all over the world being a private chef. Can you tell us more?

Yeah, so I have my regular clients in Liverpool, and I’ll cook for them often at their homes or their holiday homes. I’ve been all over! France, Ibiza, Italy and Miami. Last year, I was in the South of France for five weeks and it was great to visit the markets there every day and use their local produce. In the past few weeks I’ve been over to the Lake District maybe seven or eight times – I used to live there so I love going back. I’ve also previously cooked for high net worth families living in Knutsford.

Sounds amazing, do you work alongside anyone else?

I often work with my partner, her area is the front of house and guest liaison. When I’m catering for big events I have a bank of freelance chefs and staff I can rely on.

Speaking of big events, do you enjoy the wedding catering side of things?

I do. Couples don’t just get married anymore, weddings are a whole experience now. People often want to start with a blank canvas and bring in outside catering. I recently catered for a wedding at the Love Shack in Knutsford which was really intimate, only 14 guests, it was really unique. I own another business, Piggie Rolls, which gets booked a lot for weddings. Our gourmet sausage roll towers and hog roasts are popular.

That’s right, you’re no one trick pony! Tell us about your other businesses.

So alongside owning Kilty & Co, there’s Piggie Rolls, which I just mentioned. We provide the very best in gourmet sausage rolls and hog roasts which are great for event catering, and we have a Piggie Rolls market stall too. I recently launched Bun & Pickle, a new burger and steak street food concept. Every year I work on a collective charity dinner too, which allows the next generation of chefs at local colleges to work alongside professional chefs to raise money for charity through a dinner. So far we’ve raised funds for a mental health charity and a sepsis charity. I sadly lost my mum to sepsis in 2020.

Both very worthy causes Eddie…And to finish on a lighter note, in your professional opinion, which ingredient should no kitchen be without?

Sea salt – you have to season things with sea salt.

And finally, sweet or savoury?

Definitely savoury!


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