We chat with Graham Tinsley MBE, chef at the Carden Park Hotel’s £250k fine dining restaurant, The Vines.

Let’s start at the beginning, how did your culinary career take off?
I started my career as an apprentice chef working for Gilbert Lefevre at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. Apprenticeship completed, I was then fortunate enough to work in the 5* Atlantis Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. Afterwards I returned to England, where I took a position at the Dorchester in London working with the legendary Anton Mosimann.

Who’s the most well-known person you’ve cooked for?
I’ve cooked for various members of the Royal family, including Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince Edward and Sophie. Her Royal Highness the Queen is the most well-known person I’ve cooked for though. I’ve also cooked for the Emperor of Japan, the Punta Patagonia, and the Heads of State Banquet at Cardiff Castle.

Sounds very high brow! What’s your biggest culinary achievement?

Definitely receiving my MBE from her Majesty the Queen.

You’re now at The Vines…what makes it special there?

The Vines is a fine dining restaurant that not only showcases the best, locally sourced produce from the Cheshire and North Wales areas, but is bringing back front of house skills that once were lost. We offer a truly elegant dining experience.

the vines

What’s your favourite dish to make?

My son lives in Singapore and I visit him quite regularly, so I love to cook Asian inspired dishes. We also used to own a Hotel on the North Wales coast, so I enjoy cooking with local fish and shellfish especially the blue lobsters from Anglesey, which are featured on the Vines menu.

What is your favourite dish to eat?

My go to dish has to be a Vietnamese Pho, which is a one pot meal containing meat, fish, vegetables, and noodles in an aromatic broth – great for sharing!