We met with head chef Kerrie at Wilmslow’s Suburban Green on a sunny Monday morning in July to discuss all things cooking and creativity…

Morning Kerrie, let’s talk about training, where did it all begin for you?

Morning! I attended South Trafford School Of Culinary Arts to do my training. After qualifying in every area of hospitality, I ended up specialising in pastry as I’m really into art and I consider myself very creative – pastry encompasses both these things alongside the cooking element.

Where were you based before Suburban Green?

I was the pastry chef at Harvey Nichols for 13 years. It was a great job and I loved the creativity of it. It allowed me to cater for
some brilliant large scale events in the city centre too. One event in particular that stays with me is a gala dinner for the food and
drink festival, everything was centred around Manchester bees. I created a garden and combined international cuisines
with everything honey related. I’m Manchester through and through so I loved it!

You unfortunately were made redundant during the pandemic…

Yeah like with many people in our industry I was made redundant, the whole restaurant closed down. At the time it left me feeling a bit lost and unwanted to be honest, but then my old college tutor let me know about the opportunity to join the Suburban Green team and I jumped at the chance. I’ve gone from strength to strength here ever since.

How are you finding not being a full time pastry chef?

At Harvey Nichols, I actually was the senior sous chef as well, so I’ve always been involved with both sides. This job allows me to enjoy every aspect of cooking along with doing outside catering which I enjoy too.

suburban green

What’s the best thing about Suburban Green?

They let me take full control! Honestly, whatever dishes I dream up, I can create, which is perfect for my artistic side. I like that I can delegate to my team – you’re only as strong as your weakest member – and I love being able to give them a sense of achievement as well.

Suburban Green can be booked for events too, how do you find catering for those?

Well because of my old job, I experienced this a lot, and I loved it. Event catering really is my bread and butter. I’d go as far as to say I prefer it to regular cooking. I thrive under the pressure – it’s when I do my best work!

Suburban Green is a real community hub. Tell us about that.

We’re currently in partnership with the Rex Cinema, so we cater for events they host for new films that are coming out. The new Indiana Jones film was a recent one, it had a German theme so we did everything German vs American – think burgers v schnitzels and bratwurst vs hotdog. Barbie will be my favourite, I’m having pink glitter burger and hot dog buns made! We’ll be catering for a street party just outside in August too, to celebrate the Lionesses and the World Cup.

You’ve just created a new menu for the restaurant. What can visitors expect?

Let’s just say I was feeling a bit Greek this time around! So things have gone down that route a bit. We’ve got lovely stuffed vine
leaves, halloumi saganaki and flatbreads with hummus. The tandoori paneer with sticky mango rice is a great veggie dish, and for
dessert I’d definitely recommend our Black Forest baked alaska. Everything is very colourful and vibrant, which is the way I like to do it.

Tell us which ingredient no kitchen should be without?

Sugar 100%. You can make so many yummy treats out of sugar… but I suppose as a trained pastry chef I would say that.