We talk all things private dining and party food with Maya from Bumbu Kitchen

Hi Maya! We’d love to hear about your background in food…

I’m an ex UAE flight attendant turned chef. I moved to England and studied at Le Cordon Bleu London. I got my experience working at a Thai restaurant to learn about food and flavour. Four years ago, I decided to become a private chef as I love serving beautiful food to crowds and parties.

What’s your favourite thing about being a private chef?

I get to serve beautiful food to a happy crowd and I feel lucky I get to meet great people and cook in stunning kitchens.

Bumbu kitchen dish
Bumbu Kitchen

Most memorable moment?

Last NYE I cooked for a very lovely crowd, cooking with industrial equipment in a private house. We took some photos, laughed and even shared some gin together! It was a night to remember.

How do you juggle your job with motherhood?

Working from home means I get to do helpful early food prep. With two young boys, it’s very challenging but I have support from my husband and friends who always support me.

What’s your favourite food to serve?

Beef rendang, it’s an Indonesian dry curry dish that I love to introduce people to in the UK. That or spare ribs – yum!

And what’s your favourite food to eat?

Indonesian fried rice. It makes the best leftovers!

Bumbu Kitchen


Photo credit: Carol Shenton