Brand-new kind to the mind functional mushroom drops from Mycologic will improve your brain health with rapid results.

The newly launched super supplement is derived from nature’s most powerful fungi. Using a unique blend of popular natural supplement bases, Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha and Aronia Berry, Mycologic will help to supercharge your cognitive performance.

Since first entering the wellness market properly in 2019, mushroom-based supplements have skyrocketed in popularity – but requiring regular tablets or mixing powder into a drink has made them clunky to use.

To solve this problem, the founders of Mycologic have developed a bespoke formula to be consumed as droplets, allowing users to carry them around for a brain boost at any time.

Partnering with a Cheshire-based mycologist, the team have refined the formula to lock in the many benefits.

Experts across the globe have also thrown their support behind the benefits of mushrooms for mental and physical health. Studies have concluded that Lion’s Mane has been shown to help protect heart health, and its effect on nerve growth could even offer protection against Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Ashwagandha offers a sense of clarity, stress relief and increased energy levels, whilst Aronia Berries are packed with a compound called Cyanidin 3-O-galactoside, boosting the amount of oxygen that is delivered to your brain.

“Natural supplements are one of the most effective ways to boost your brainpower and give you
a real lift. There’s a reason that they’re one of the hottest trends in wellness right now. No processed compounds, no confusing chemistry, just traditional ingredients that humans have used to heighten their cognition for centuries.” – Amy Ditchfield, Co-Founder of Mycologic

Renowned health specialists have also picked out Mycologic’s unique blend…

“Over the last few years, functional mushrooms have been taking the wellness world by storm, and with good reason,” explains BBC Good Food and Urban Wellness nutritionist Nicola Shubrook, “these ingredients have great individual benefits, but it’s when they are brought together in this one formula that they truly make for an amazing powerhouse. When it comes to overcoming brain fog and supporting your mental wellbeing, this combination simply can’t be beaten.”

Mycologic is the first drop to go to market with the mixture of Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha and Aronia Berry, and was designed to help keep the mind youthful and vibrant.