Here’s how to throw a flippin’ good pancake party on 13th February.

Top Choice

Create a pancake decoration station offering different delicious toppings. Think sweet treats such as chocolate sauce, sugar, syrup, cream and sprinkles. Less of a sweet tooth? Savoury pancakes are equally as popular. You’ve all seen bacon topped pancakes, but you could also put out buttery mushrooms, Italian ham, grated cheese or sautéed spinach for something a little bit different.

For those preferring something healthier, lay out a selection of berries, banana, honey or nuts. Or of course, you could always enjoy eating them plain!

Other Options

Mini pancakes don’t need to be just a favourite at the Christmas markets. Batch cook some smaller versions and present them in a bowl dusted with sugar and topped with strawberries, for guests to help them- selves.

If you want a thinner and lighter choice you can always count on a crêpe. Try your hand at the traditional French recipe, crêpe suzette; crêpes folded four ways, soaked in orange liqueur and then set alight in true flambé form – just be careful of your eyebrows!

Since Pancake Day falls the day before Valentine’s Day, consider serving heart shaped pancakes in a nod to celebrating both occasions.

Flip or fall?

For a competitive yet lighthearted way to break up your party, host a pancake flipping competition. Who can flip their pancakes the most times without them folding or falling?!