As the co-founder of the Women’s Health Club, I’ve always been on the lookout for the most effective and fastest ways to prepare my skin and body for the holiday season.

If you, like me, are aiming for significant results in a condensed time frame, here are my four absolute must-haves for getting beach-ready in no time.

1. A Chilling Revolution: My Cryo Therapy Experience

My journey into the world of Cryo Therapy began at Cryo Revive in Wilmslow, where I first stepped into a -124-degree chamber for a thrilling three-minute session. Despite the extreme cold, I remained completely dry and was immediately astounded by the benefits. Not only did I potentially burn up to 800 calories, but my skin also felt unbelievably smooth and my mind buzzed with increased concentration. The post- session dopamine rush was incredible, making Cryo Therapy a game- changer in my wellness routine.

2. Achieving Flawless Skin with SKINSTORM

Next, I explored the wonders of SKINSTORM at Mr. Marando’s Star Clinic in Altrincham. Created by skincare expert Sharon Hilditch, this groundbreaking treatment delivered incredible results for my face and hands. Using pioneering multi-layered technology, it offered a flawless filter facial that addressed everything from acne to skin hydration, all without a single needle. The transformation of my face and hands was astonishing—smooth, rejuvenated and ready for spring.

3. My Lymphatic Drainage Discovery

Dealing with water retention has always been a struggle, especially made worse by flying. I was so excited to try Lymphatic Drainage at Cryo Revive. Slipping into a Body Ballancer suit, I let it work its magic, improving circulation and flushing out toxins through a targeted massage over 45 minutes. After eight weeks of Lymphatic Drainage, I’ve lost inches off my stomach, legs, and waist.

4. Fasting: My Secret Weapon

Despite hitting the gym regularly, it’s fasting that truly helps me beat the bloat. Inspired by Dr. Mindy Pelz, I embark on an 18-hour fast most days, with a 24-hour fast once a week. It makes a significant difference in how I feel and helps protect against bugs and disease.
I have loved combining Cryo Therapy, SKINSTORM treatments, Lymphatic Drainage and a structured fasting regimen to achieve a fast and remarkable transformation. I didn’t just lose inches around my stomach, waist, and legs; I also gained a renewed sense of confidence and vitality. These four strategies didn’t just prepare me for the beach; they revolutionised my approach to health and wellness.