At their gender reveal, David and Sam were overwhelmed with joy, to meet their new baby boy…

The dads-to-be hosted their gender reveal back in March, at Attitude Dance, the studio they own in Liverpool. The boho theme saw the space decorated in lots of neutrals, beiges and creams, and the couple certainly gave their 110 guests a party to remember…

“We wanted to bring our studio to life with something we’ve never done before,” says David, “so we had everything imaginable. Think photo mirrors, teddy bears, old wicker chairs and baskets, baby signs, confetti, streamer cannons, indoor fireworks, sax players and bongo drummers – we had it all!”

“I can only take credit for the confetti and streamers,” laughs Sam, “David did everything else. He’s amazing at event organising whereas I’m useless!”

The pair, both in their 30s, have been together for nearly eight years, and surrogate Sarah has been a good friend for almost as long.

gender reveal

“Sarah’s one in a million. She knows the struggles we’ve been through,” explains Sam, “we had a surrogate lined up who developed health issues which meant she couldn’t have our baby, and that’s when Sarah stepped in!”

David continues, “Sarah came over one night and out of nowhere offered to be our surrogate – unbeknown to us she’d been researching everything about surrogacy for months and months.”

“When we met with Sarah’s partner Andy, he said to me ‘you’re like family to us, so we want to give you your own family’ and that will stay with me for the rest of my life.” – Sam

“We would’ve been happy with a boy or girl, but naturally as men, we thought a little boy would be the right fit for us in terms of teaching us the way of parenthood,” Sam says, “plus, between us we have three nieces and seven god children – all girls except one, so we are happy!”

“Growing up as a gay man, it’s not always easy to imagine starting a family,” Sam concludes, “the obvious route would be adoption, but having your own biological child can be a grey area and there’s not enough information out there. For us this has been nearly a 4-year journey and a rollercoaster of emotions but our baby is nearly here. If I could give anyone in a similar position advice, it would be to take each day as it comes, the highs and lows are worth it!”


Photos: Jessica Sommerville Photography