Sleep tourism is the travel trend we’ve all been waiting for, a top holiday trend for 2023, where travellers seek sleep-focused stays, with the sole aim being to rest and recharge.

What is it and where to go?

Sleep tourism is a relatively new idea in the world of travel, which involves travelling to different locations, often luxurious, to enjoy one thing. Sleep. From high-end hotels to picturesque campsites, sleep tourists are people who are always looking out for the perfect place to catch some much needed rest. Here are a couple of experience ideas to help you achieve the ultimate snooze…

  • Focus on wellness with a sleepy spa-vacay
  • Snooze in a sun-shaded hammock
  • Siesta on a sandy beach sunlounger
  • Rest your eyes at a 5-star health retreat
  • Sleep beneath the stars on a camping trip

sleep tourism