You could buy a plane ticket to Naples for traditional sourdough pizza, but heading to Franco Manca Didsbury is a lot faster (and not to mention cheaper).

The place where the team is dedicated to delivering an honest, effortless experience, and where the food is authentically Neapolitan, Franco Manca is the place to eat.

Rivalling the likes of Manchester favourites Rudy’s and Ramona, the sourdough pizza pioneers hand- knead their bases, fresh every day. Inspired by tradition, Franco Manca pizzas are original, all made using fresh ingredients sourced from the soil their recipes were born on, by small suppliers who work closely with the land.

For pizza menus that change with the seasons, and traditions that haven’t for decades, opt for our Franco Manca favourites…

To start, beef ragù al forno with mozzarella and Franco Grana, served with sourdough bread, or buffalo mozzarella served on a bed of marinated baby plum tomatoes and fresh mint.

Classic pepperoni pizza comes in the form of smoked beechwood spicy salami, organic tomato, mozzarella, caramelised red onions, and finished with homemade Franco’s chilli oil and fresh basil.

Finish with lighter than light tiramisu or caramel pecan cheesecake – you know what they say, dolce makes you live longer!

Franco Manca’s ideology is simple; good food created with high-quality ingredients speaks for itself. And we certainly agree with them there.

“Whatever can be made by hand, should be made by hand — this is the leading idea.” – Giuseppe Mascoli, Founder