St. George’s Day is a time-honoured tradition celebrated by many to honour St. George, the patron saint of England. Here’s how to throw an intimate yet memorable St. George’s Day celebration in the comfort of your own home.

Set the ambiance by incorporating traditional English elements into your decor. Opt for a red and white colour scheme, decorating with England flags, themed bunting, plus iconic symbols such as dragons. Choose English roses as your florals and place them on any side tables or use as your centrepiece.

Indulge in traditional English cuisine by serving up meat and veggie pies, finger sandwiches or fish and chips. Finish with dessert dishes like treacle tart, Victoria sponge, trifle, and scones with clotted cream and jam. Raise a glass to toast the day with English ale, cider or Pimm’s. For non-alcoholic options, offer a classic cuppa; English breakfast tea of course.

Keep guests entertained with activities inspired by English culture. Host a pub quiz with questions about English history, literature and pop culture, or if the weather is fine, organise lawn games like croquet or outdoor darts.

Create a playlist featuring iconic British talent and bands to be the soundtrack of the day. From The Beatles to Adele, there’s a wealth of artists to choose from.