The act of planning a babymoon is becoming a more and more popular way for couples to mentally prepare for the upcoming chaos a baby brings.

Just as a newly married couple jets off to enjoy a romantic honeymoon alone before their new life together, a pre-baby vacation, also known as a babymoon, is sometimes exactly what’s needed before the arrival of a little one.

When you’re expecting a baby, it goes without saying that you’re on the brink of a life changing moment. You’ll be very aware – and possibly very nervous – that everything is about to be flipped upside down; swapping nights out for night feeds, and spending your money on talcum powder rather than beauty products.


So where do you go for a babymoon?

There’s no hard and fast rule as to what the perfect babymoon is, it all depends on the couple. If you’re looking for peace, relaxation and to enjoy a final stay in a child-free environment, choose an ‘Adults Only’ resort. There are many close to home in beautiful and scenic parts of the UK, or, if you’re not too far along, jet off to a white sandy beach and savour the relaxing waves.

If an international trip sounds appealing, be sure to first consult with your doctor about the best way to prepare yourself, and how safe it is to travel to certain countries. You’ll want to avoid and be aware of any country with a Zika Virus outbreak. This is a mosquito-borne virus, and if contracted while pregnant, your baby could be born with developmental delays and abnormalities in head structure. Before making travel plans, check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure there isn’t a current Zika outbreak in the country you’re interested in visiting.

If you’re eager to get some practice in before your own little one arrives, why not plan a family trip with children in your extended family? This is a great way to spend time with your loved ones before all the attention is diverted.

If you’re worried about getting sick or other complications while away, a staycation might be a better option. Becoming a tourist in your own city means you’ll see places and attractions you never had a chance to visit before, with the added benefit of being close to home. It might even be cheaper than travelling to another area, so you can save the pennies on your babymoon experience.

Want something even cheaper? Stay at home! While it may seem like defeating the point, the whole purpose of a babymoon is to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Take a break from your daily chores and let calls go to voicemail; lounge around in your comfiest pyjamas or spend extra time reading your favourite book. The key is to make it special and to do everything that you most likely won’t have time to do when your baby comes!