Cheshire Posh Platters tells Cheshire Engaged why people are going mad for A graze board…

A graze board; you’ll have seen them on TV, social media, and more than likely at a recent event. That’s right, grazing tables and Charcuterie boards are absolutely everywhere right now.

A graze board is a popular choice due to its versatile nature and Instagrammable design. Graze boards are sure to have something to please all appetites – they’re a sure fire way for hosts to showcase their love of food, combined with their flair for visuals and artistic presentation. And that’s without the hassle of actually having to cook anything! 

Graze board

A classic graze board should include baked cheese, thinly sliced cured meats, figs, olives or grapes, dried fruits, crackers or bread and dips or chutney. But these days anything goes! Dessert and pastry boards in particular are on the rise. Look out for these in 2022. Our tummies are already rumbling…


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Photo credit: Cheshire Posh Platters