A musical mental health book like no other…

If you’ve ever felt the need to express your feelings, turn your dreams into reality or just simply to take some time out for yourself, then look no further than The Paper Playlist.

Music not only has the power to heal, but also to make people reminisce about good times, and this is the reason George Cooper decided to create something different – a print publication with direct links to sound and music.

“I wrote the book because I truly believe music is therapy for me, and for many other people too, I’ve always found that a particular song can move me, strike a feeling or just simply help lift me up for the day.” – George Cooper

This new and exciting self help book can be opened at any point of your week, you just need to have a spare five minutes to relax and listen to a song, all inspired by a powerful quote of the day.

Something the market has never seen before, with the simple scan of a QR code, you can start your journey.

The pages of The Paper Playlist are home to the perfect blend of insightful quotes, alongside which comes a QR code to scan and listen to relevant and empowering songs.

Chapters include Send This To A Friend, Zone Out, Profound Lyrics, Hype Me Up!, In My Feels, Yearning For You, In My Feels, F**k you! and Sunday.

The power of music is truly spectacular and is known to move people physically, spiritually and emotionally.

“The purpose for this book is to help you find the peace I have found within myself, and let you in on songs that have helped me throughout my journey.”