Carley and Ciara christened their baby boy, Tiger, in Dublin back on 3rd September.

“We held the event at Hanlon’s Bar and Restaurant,” says Ciara, “I grew up having so many of my key parties there, so the place holds real sentimental value.”

Over 75 guests came from near and far to celebrate the tot, who’s now nearly 1.


“Ciara is from a traditional Irish family where christenings are a big thing to be celebrated, so we made sure we did just that,” smiles Carley, “there was no real theme, just lots of traditional Irish pub vibes!”

“We wanted Tiger to be showered in blessings and good wishes,” continues Carley, “and he certainly was. It was amazing to see just how much our little boy is loved by all of his Irish family and friends.”

She concludes: “I’m not religious but I’ll do anything to wish good faith upon Tiger…and to keep Ciara happy!”