It all started with a pizza oven…

When Luke bought wife Stephanie a pizza oven during the first lockdown, the last thing on their minds was starting a business. Fast forward to now and they’re taking the local catering circuit by storm.

“We were obsessed with that original pizza oven,” laughs Stephanie, “we were having pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”

It was only when a friend asked for them to cater their event that the couple thought of it as something more than a lockdown hobby.

“Our friend only needed eight pizzas for that event – we thought it was such a big deal! But we had so much fun, and it genuinely came naturally, we loved it.” Stephanie recalls.

“We officially launched Wiggles Pizza in July 2021. Registering as a sole trader and food business was daunting at first,” says Luke, “neither of us had owned a business before, but we’ve only grown and grown since then!”

Wiggles upped the ante for their first official event, an exciting carnival style birthday party, which saw them serving up to 50 wood-fired pizzas.

They scaled up even further for their next event where they fed a crowd of 2,000 at a rugby festival in Hale.

“We started out advertising on Facebook but now we get pretty much all our bookings directly from our website, there’s been so much support. We put a lot of time and effort into what we do, so it’s lovely to have communities back us.”  – Stephanie.

So what about the future? Stephanie tells all…

“We’d love to link with more event planners to add value to their client’s events. We’re also exploring the option of franchising, our model really works so as long as we can find the right people we really want to grow and expand. We’ll recruit a new staff member each year to help us maintain our high quality, personalised service.”

“We’ll continue with our charity work ‘Pizza With Purpose’ which is sustainability as standard; using sustainable, eco-friendly resources, keeping it local; most of our suppliers are Manchester based and hiring local staff from where I grew up in Wythenshawe is important too, and sharing the wealth; we donate money, food and time to many different charities, we love to do our part for the community.”

“Private events will always be our core function. We want to make special occasions even more memorable. So, if you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, christening or any other event, let us know!”

It sure seems like pop-up pizza parties are the way to go in 2023.