Strawberries and cream at the ready! It’s time to elevate your summer with a Wimbledon themed celebration.

To truly capture the essence of Wimbledon and throw a sophisticated party inspired by this prestigious tennis tournament, you can focus on transforming your space, establishing an elegant dress code, offering culinary delights, serving signature beverages, and enhancing the atmosphere with live match screenings. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan your event:

Transform Your Space into Centre Court

In homage to Wimbledon’s iconic palette, decorate using soft whites, pale greens, and subtle purples. Imagine green and white balloon arches and stylish backdrops that evoke the feel of the courts. For your tablescape, incorporate greenery and purple foliage to blend seamlessly with the theme. Add a touch of whimsy with decorative rattan balls and sphere-shaped tealight holders which echo the tennis ball shape without being in your face.

Elegant Dress Code

Encourage guests to channel their inner tennis star—minus the athletic gear. Instead of tennis skirts and sweatbands, request that attendees wear crisp white shirts and elegant white summer dresses. This chic twist on the traditional Wimbledon attire ensures a sophisticated vibe throughout your gathering.

Culinary Delights for Champions

Delight your guests with a gourmet quiche featuring a medley of local cheeses and fresh vegetables, such as heirloom tomatoes, to truly capture British flavour. Garnish with purple radicchio and edible flowers to add a touch of refinement. Naturally, dessert should celebrate the tournament’s staple—strawberries and cream. Elevate this classic by layering smooth strawberry jam with prosecco-marinated strawberries atop a generous dollop of clotted cream, served in charming mini glass jars.

Signature Beverages

Complement your menu with Pimm’s cocktails, the quintessential Wimbledon refreshment, alongside buckets of chilled Champagne to keep spirits high and toasting frequent.

Game, Set, Match

Enhance the atmosphere by setting up a large screen to live-stream matches, allowing your guests to follow the action whilst mingling. Keep the energy lively by cheering for your favourite players throughout the event.

By focusing on these elements, you can create a party that beautifully captures the grandeur and excitement of Wimbledon, providing a memorable experience for all your guests.