We discuss engagement details with Matilda, whose fiancé Frank proposed just before their 14th anniversary.

How did you guys meet?

We’re childhood sweethearts! We met when we were 15 at school and have been together ever since.

That’s so sweet, does that mean you were expecting a proposal?

Not at all. We’ve been together for such a long time and I did keep bugging him about it but he always said he wanted to surprise me which he certainly did!

Can we hear your proposal story?

He said he was doing a 10k step challenge at work so we needed to go on a big walk to get his steps in haha!

I didn’t think anything of it because we like going on walks (when we were younger and had no money a lot of our dates were walks).

We drove to Delamere but it was raining (typical), so we ducked under some trees in a secluded spot. He started to say lots of lovely things and when I looked he was down on one knee. I burst into tears and my knees went to jelly!

He’d planned on a picnic which was rained off – we ended up having a champagne picnic in the back of the car!

It was just us at the proposal and it was perfect. In the evening my family came round for more champagne and pizza. Frank’s family unfortunately had Covid so couldn’t come, which was a shame.

Your ring is gorgeous…

He designed it himself. It’s an oval diamond with diamond halo and shoulders. I love it.

proposal ring

What are your wedding plans?

We’re having a winter wedding next year, we love that time of year. We’re getting married and having the reception at Meols Hall in Southport. It’s a 400-year-old barn and we knew from our first visit it was the venue for us.

And honeymoon?

We are thinking of an Italian road trip down the Amalfi Coast!