Bank Holiday weekend is just around the corner, and you know what that means, most of us will get a three-day weekend running from Saturday 30th April until Monday 2nd May – yay! Want to make your Bank Hol BBQ the talk of the town? Here are some handy bbq hints and tips…

 1. Prep and Prepare

It sounds obvious, but prepare as much food prior to the bbq as you can beforehand. Nobody really likes that “can I do anything to help?” guest now do they?

2. Dazzling Decor

Your bbq décor is essential. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or be OTT, but the finer details really will help you secure the title of best party host. Small elements such as the right cutlery (think fun corn on the cob holders for example) and having all your condiments in one place will really go a long way.  

3. Light It Up

And we don’t just mean the bbq! Decorate your garden with pretty candles, tiki torches or fairy lights. If you’re doing your job right, your event will be going on right into the evening, so ensure you set the tone and make your guests feel at home (and that they can see of course)…

4. Set Up Garden Games

Garden games such as jumbo Jenga or giant Snakes and Ladders will be a hit with the kids (and probably some adults). It’ll keep them happy and entertained while the adults socialise too.

5. Encourage Guests To Help Themselves

Sure, upon arrival at the bbq offer your guest their first drink, that’s only polite. After that though, encourage everyone to help themselves. This will ensure you have more time to mingle and do other things without the worry of someone’s glass being empty.

6. Want S’more?

Add a bit of indulgent fun to the end of the night and opt for s’mores for dessert. These biscuit based, gooey marshmallow and chocolate treats will certainly get you top marks. Plus, it means you don’t have to make anything beforehand either! If you don’t have an open flame bbq or fire pit, roasted marshmallows work just as well too.