Gather all glam grans and groovy grandads to celebrate National Grandparents’ Day on 1st October 2023.

To honour this special occasion, here are some activities you can all enjoy together…

Create a family tree

Most families are a lot bigger than we tend to realise. Sitting down together and drawing up different branches of your family tree is exciting, interesting and helps children feel connected to family members of the past.

Bake or cook together

Grandma’s cooking instantly takes everyone back to fond memories of their childhood. Choose easy recipes that kids can help to make or even pass down a secret family recipe!

Go on an autumnal walk

Wrap up warm and head off on a short stroll around the park or your local area. A walk gets everyone outside to enjoy a little fresh air and offers a chance to catch-up.

Play board games

Board games are a fun and easy way to pass the time, especially on a cold or rainy day. Think classics such as Monopoly, Ludo or a
good old game of cards.

Have a movie night

Pick a great family friendly film and load up on popcorn, pizza, and sweeties. Get everyone comfy and enjoy a relaxing night at home.

Take a class together

Taking a class with grandparents is a really special bonding experience. Try painting, cooking, pottery, art, music, or even a movement class.

Pamper party

An at home spa day is a great way for grandparents, parents and kids to unwind and pamper themselves. Paint nails, apply face and hair masks, and wear comfy pyjamas in a relaxing environment.